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    Between the Old City and the New

    In the valley between the Old City and the New you will find a picturesque path with modest square structures on either side. Since the reunification of Jerusalem in1967 artists have taken to this valley. Shielded from the sounds of the bustling modern city, they are inspired to create and produce art. Here you will meet leading Israeli contemporary painters, silversmiths, weavers, photographers and more. Many of these artists, are world renowned having exhibited in some of the most prestigious art museums in the world. See the work and meet the artists for a personalized discussion about art and culture in the city.

    Nachlaot Art Tour

    The Nachlaot tour takes place in one of the oldest and most authentic of Jerusalem neighborhoods. Nachlaot hosts a multi-cultural and multi-generational population which is a microcosm of Israeli culture at large. It is no surprise that many leading Israeli artists find their home and studio there. Tour participants explore the history of the neighborhood as they walk through its alleyways and courtyards, stopping along the way to meet and talk with artists, curators and art collectors.

    Mamilla Art Tour

    Mamilla is one of the oldest of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods with a history of dramatic transformation and change. The art that resides here is diverse and varied. Participants will visit a contemporary urban art initiative, a traditional silversmith store and studio, and a new art gallery representing Modern Israeli painting.

    Machaneh Yehuda and Mekor Baruch An art tour on both sides of the tracks.

    On one side of the Jerusalem light rail we pass the Machaneh Yehuda neighborhood which is well known for its colorful food market. It is also host to ceramics and painting studios as well as urban renewal art projects. These artists represent the secular contemporary art scene. On the other side of the tracks we enter the ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Mekor Baruch, home to some of the most important Haredi Yeshivot in Israel. Here, we find the Art Refuge gallery. Established by Haredi artists, artists of all religious persuasions showcase the universal language of art.

    The Bezalel Story - Art Tour

    The name Bezalel first appears in the Bible in the book of Exodus. It means in the shadow of or under the protection of God. Bezalel was the chief artisan of the Tabernacle and in charge of building the Ark of the Covenant. Israel's leading Art School takes its name from here. The school was started 50 years before the creation of the State and has since grown and developed together with it. We meet at “The Artist's House” where it all began. We’ll learn of the characters whose remarkable vision and persistence brought visual culture into our city, and then walk further up the street to meet with contemporary artists who continue to create and challenge their city's artistic vision.

    The Ein Kerem Art Tour

    Ein Kerem is Jerusalem’s secret gem: a quiet, quaint and stunningly beautiful mountain village. It is no surprise that it hosts a variety of artists: painters, ceramicists, sculptors, jewelry designers, photographers and more. The artists who live and work here, have a particularly deep connection to this village. Their personal family histories, and traditions are enmeshed in their art work, making this Ein Kerem Art Tour an intimate and unique experience.

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