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I’ve talked quite a bit about Jerusalem and how surprising this city is.

Despite what the media tells you, Jerusalem is not the monotonous, religious, war-zone city that it’s made out to be.

Sure, religion is a big part of the city’s identity and on occasion there are moments of tension. But for the most part, people live and let live and religion is not the only major focus of this city.

You know what is a surprising major focus of the city? …Art.

Yep, turns out that Jerusalem has quite the art scene.

Read More –Photo Essay: The Secretly Cool City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Art Tours – Facebook

Caron Greenblatt created this tour company so that she could showcase the art scene she loves so much. Caron is a longtime artist herself and knows all the ins and outs of Jerusalem’s art scene, making her the best person to guide you and allow for a great experience. She has a bunch of art tours that introduce you to art in different neighbourhoods

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